Your Statutory Rights are not affected by any of the following terms and conditions.


Who we are: We are Galloping Ahead Saddlery, 6 The Courtyard, Comeytrowe Equestrian Centre, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1EQ.

How to contact us: You can contact us by telephone on 0330 043 7479, email info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk or by writing to us at the address above. We can be contacted through several social media platforms however we cannot guarantee we will receive such messages and cannot be held liable or accountable for any messages we do not receive through this method. Our preferred method of communication is email.

How we may contact you: If we have to contact you, we will do so by telephone call, email or writing to you through the address provided. We will also respond to you through any social media platform as and when necessary, however we cannot be held liable or accountable for any messages lost or not received through this method. Our preferred method of communication is email.

We will endeavour to respond to your messages as soon as we possibly can, please be mindful of our working hours, we may not be able to respond to messages on evenings and weekends.


These terms and conditions will apply to the purchases of the goods and services by you, the customer.  These are the terms on which we sell all goods and services to you. By ordering any of the services or goods, you are agreed by these terms and conditions and privacy policy.

It is your responsibility to have access to the website and to read through our terms and conditions thoroughly.  If you are not in agreement with the terms you should not make a purchase from us or use any of our services.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery reserve the right to amend, change or simply update these terms and conditions at any time. We reserve the right to remove, amend or update the website for any reason and at any time without notice.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery reserves the right to amend prices at any time without notice. Galloping Ahead Saddlery endeavours to ensure prices on the website are accurate at all times. In the event a product price is incorrect on the website, we will notify you to find out if you wish to continue with the purchase at the correct price or cancel the order. The order will not be processed until we have spoken to you to confirm if you would like to proceed at the correct price or cancel your order. If we do not hear from you within 3 working days, the order will be cancelled, and any payment received will be refunded.

Payment can be taken in the form of cash, card machine, bank transfer or PayPal. Any refund will be given by the same method as payment was taken were possibly.


Products may vary slightly from their pictures. The images of new products on our website are for illustrative purposes only, your products may vary slightly from these images. Although we have made every effort to display the colours and or marks, fading and scratches of pre-owned saddles accurately, we cannot guarantee that our cameras will display these clearly.

All our pre-owned goods are sold as is and as seen in our shop, on appointments and on the website. It is your responsibility to read the advert, study the photographs fully and make further enquiries to Galloping Ahead Saddlery should you need further information. It is your responsibility to check product description and pictures before placing an order online. It is your responsibility to check over an item before purchasing it on an appointment or instore. On receiving your goods through the post please check the items when unpackaging to check they are as described and that you are happy with them.

The packaging of the product may vary from that shown in images on our website.


The size and or description of used saddles is partially subjective and although assessed by us, you or your Saddle Fitters opinion may be different, particularly in regard to the width of a saddle.

It is a myth that you can buy a specific width saddle ‘off the peg’. For example, a medium wide saddle from one brand could be different from another. Saddle width can also be adjusted using a press, many saddlers do this and there is no guarantee that a saddle has not at some point in its existence been adjusted. Sometimes saddles are stamped as a specific width, this cannot be relied upon, as previously explained the saddle may have been adjusted at some point. Please refer to photos and measurements to ascertain width, the D-to-D measurement is purely provided as a GUIDE. Unfortunately, this is not a measurable way of comparing saddles as D rings may be in different positions on different saddles. D rings are not a structural part of the saddle and are simply stitched on by hand and can and often are in different positions. Saddle widths are given in our professional opinion and / or are clearly stated as STAMPED.


Please note that when participating in our offers or promotions, they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Galloping Ahead Saddlery reserve the right to amend or withdraw promotions at any time, should circumstances change.


Orders are usually sent via FedEx, UPS or Parcelforce and charged in accordance with the prices displayed on our website. We reserve the right to change our courier if we deem it right to do so at any time. If a delivery is delayed for any reason Galloping Ahead Saddlery will not be held accountable for any inconvenience that it may cause.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours of an order being placed. If this is not possible Galloping Ahead Saddlery will not be held responsible for an inconvenience caused.  Should there be any considerable delay we will endeavour to inform you.

It is your responsibility to accept and/or sign for the parcel on arrival and to report and photograph any damage caused in transit before opening the package.

For any Non-UK delivery enquires please contact us before purchase on 0330 043 7479 or email us on info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk.


For items bought through our website, other than used saddles that are dispatched on a 7-day trial basis, as a UK Consumer, under the consumer contracts regulations you have the right to cancel an order within 14 days without reason.  The cancellation period expires 14 days from the date your order is delivered.  If any products have been custom made, used, and removed from packaging these rights do not apply.

It is your responsibility to inform us via post or email to info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk before the end of the 14th day, with details of the purchase and stating that products are still in original packaging and/or unused.  Any open/ used products may only be subject to a partial refund or in some cases no longer be eligible for any form of refund.


If we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this in writing and will not charge you for the product. This might be because the product is out of stock, because of unexpected limits on our resources which we could not reasonably plan for, because we have identified an error in the price or description of the product, because we deem the product faulty or because we are unable to meet a delivery deadline you have specified.


Galloping Ahead Saddlery openly sells products on behalf of Third Parties for a commission fee.  If purchasing a saddle which is being sold on behalf of a Third Party, you are accepting that we are acting as an agent in arranging and processing your order on behalf of the Third Party.  By accepting these terms, you accept that we are the Agent liaising between you and the Third Party and that we shall receive a percentage of the sale included in the total charges you pay.


All our services are subject to availability. The description of our services is set out under the relevant category/page on our website. The description of the service does not constitute an offer to sell the goods or the services. We can make changes to the services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. We will notify you of the changes if a contract has already been entered.


All our saddles come with a 7 day trial period. This excludes purchases made through eBay, if you would like to trial a saddle please make the purchase through our website in acccordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Unfortunately we cannot offer saddle trials if you are located outside of the UK. 

We recommend you have saddle fit checked by a professional of your choice during your 7-day trial period.

Care must be taken when trying new equipment and Galloping Ahead Saddlery cannot be held accountable for any accident or injury that may occur.

Up to two saddles can be trialled at any one time. Saddles will need to be paid for in full up front, this money will be held securely as a security deposit. On return of the saddles, a full refund will be given minus the trial/hire charge per saddle and any return postage charges paid by us. 

Your 7-day trial period is inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and commences on the day of collection or delivery. We must be informed of any saddles that are to be returned by no later than 5pm on day 6 of your trial, in writing (by email). If we do not have confirmation of your return in writing, we will assume your acceptance and purchase of the product/products from us. We then expect saddles to be returned on day 7, if the saddle was collected in person, unless agreed otherwise by us. If the saddle has been returned by courier, we require proof of postage no later than day 7.

An invoice will be issued either for the full amount of the saddle accepted or for the trial/hire fee for saddles returned. You will automatically be accepting that the goods have been tried, used and satisfactory if we have not received them back or proof of postage and tracking information having been supplied after your trial period.

Failure to return a saddle in the agreed timescales may result in a £10 per day late return fee or in extreme cases we reserve the right to refuse a refund.

The trial/hire fee contributes towards admin/packaging/handling/cleaning and costs associated with the trial. This will be deducted from the refund due to you. If you are not happy with these terms you should not proceed to trial/hire or purchase a saddle.

You must return the products to us in the packaging in which they were delivered to you, unless damaged in transit, we then expect you to replace the packaging with a suitable alternative.

All saddles are fully photographed and detailed records taken before they go out on trial, it is your responsibility to return them in the same condition as when they left our premises.

Throughout the trial/hire period:
(a) you shall have no right, title or interest in or to the products and it shall at all times remain our property.
(b) the risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the products shall pass to you and it shall remain your sole risk and for such further period before which the products are redelivered and received by us. We advise that you take adequate measures to protect against these eventualities.

As saddles you have on trial/hire from Galloping Ahead Saddlery are your responsibility, you must therefore take great care in looking after them. Saddles must be stored safely and securely. Care needs to be taken not to cause any scuffs or marks, for example by putting them on the floor or against a wall. They must not be exposed to wet weather, ridden in in jeans or trousers with back pockets. Care needs to be taken when mounting and dismounting that damage is not caused to the saddle by zips on trousers, jackets, tops etc.  No saddle should be sat on unless on a suitably sized horse or pony and any saddle returned damaged structurally or cosmetically may be liable to a partial or no refund.  This will be at the discretion of Galloping Ahead Saddlery.

Any saddle that is not returned in a clean condition will be subject to a £5-10 cleaning fee.

If a saddle is sent with a protective saddle cover this should be returned with the saddle.  Failure to do so will result in a deduction from your refund to replace it.

If the saddle is sent by post, it is your responsibility to ensure someone is present on the day of delivery (failure to do so will not result in a prolonged trial period) or collection. You are liable for carriage charges both ways which are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to return the saddle to us by a courier of your choice, the saddle must be fully insured for the full value of the saddle. If you would like us to arrange a return for you, please get in contact. The return postage charge will be deducted from the refund due to you, if we have arranged the courier, the cost will be in accordance with the charges on our Delivery Charges page. It the event of the saddle not being returned, and we have arranged a courier, you will be responsible for this cost.

If our courier is unable to collect the parcel due to there being no one present, or the parcel is not ready you may be subject to a fee for rescheduling at the discretion of us/the courier.  In addition, you may be liable for a £10 per day late return charge should this affect the return date of the parcel to Galloping Ahead Saddlery.

It is your responsibility to inspect any saddles you trial immediately after they arrive and contact Galloping Ahead Saddlery via email on info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk if the condition or description of the saddle is not in accordance with the advert. We will pay the costs of return only if it is agreed the products are faulty or misdescribed. Please see note above about saddle width in particular.

Refunds will be initiated within five working days of the saddle/s being returned by post/courier.  It may take several days for your bank to allocate the funds to the card used.


It is your responsibility to get your saddle to us if we have agreed to buy your saddle outright, to take it in part exchange or to sell it for you on commission. You can either drop it into our shop at the above address, post it to us or if possibly we may be able to arrange collection or to meet at a mutually convenient location. We can also arrange collection by Parcelforce. If you sent it to us, you are responsible for the saddle until received by us. We fully recommend you insure your saddle for its full value. We cannot take any responsibility for the saddle until it arrives at our premises.

If the saddle is sent to us by post and we dispute the condition of any saddle that may affect any valuation or offer given, the saddle may have to either be returned to you or a new sale price agreed. Saddles deemed unsafe or unrepairable will be returned.  Should the saddle need returning you will be liable for all return costs that occur.  The saddle can be returned using our service (chargeable to you), alternatively you may use a courier of your choice to collect the saddle at your own risk.

Any offer given for an outright purchase or for part exchange will only be valid for 7 days after the offer has been made.

Saddles being sent to us to be sold on a commission basis, for part exchange or outright purchase, must be clean and mould free. Any saddle not in a satisfactory clean condition may be subject to a £10 cleaning fee. If the saddle is clean and well presented before being photograped, the chances of it selling are greatly increased. We will clean and fully condition saddles as we see fit and a charge of £10 may be chargeable.

We do not accept saddles than are unbranded or over 20 years old. We do not accept saddles with broken trees or that we deem unrepairable or not commercially viable for us taking. Our ethos is we will only take in saddles we would put on our own horses backs, please do not be offended if we will not accept your saddle. We reserve the right to not accept any saddles for any other reason, for example we may already have other similar saddles in stock.

All saddles that are in our possession are fully insured and will be kept cleaned.


Any figures given regarding the valuation of a saddle is only an estimate and is not a guarantee.

We do not have a set time scale in which we will advertise your saddle but reserve the right to return your saddle if it has not sold after three months. If we have requested you collect your saddle/saddles and they are still in our possession 12 months later, we reserve the right to destroy or sell on your saddle at any value we deem fit, any proceeds after associated fees will then be passed onto a charity of our choice.

We will review the advertising price of the saddle on a regular basis and will amend as we see fit in line with the figures agreed with you when the saddle is taken by us for sale.

Our commission fees are fixed at the point of submitting your saddle to us. Amounts may vary depending on several factors such as offers on commission rates at that time.

Commission amount is to be calculated after fees involved in selling the saddle have been deducted for example eBay selling fees, PayPal fees or card machine fee. You will be responsible for these fees in addition to our commission charge. These fees will clearly be shown on your balance receipt after the saddle is sold.

Payment is made to you via bank transfer after 30 days of the saddle being sold.

Your saddle will be available for our customers to try on either at Comeytrowe Equestrian Centre or at their address on a try on/fitting appointment accompanied by us.

We offer a trial period on all our saddles, this trial period is for 7 days. Customers are held responsible for damage incurred to the saddle during the trial period. However general wear may occur. The full amount of the saddle is paid by the customer before the saddle is released on trial and deductions are made to the buyers refund for any damage incurred.

If you wish to remove a saddle from our possession within three months of it being accepted by us, there will be an admin fee of £25. The three month window will not start until we have photographed and prepped the saddle for sale. When we are busy your saddle may not be listed immediately but we will get it advertised as soon as we can, please bear with us when we are busy.

Should you wish to remove a saddle you have placed with Galloping Ahead Saddlery on a sale on commission basis you may do so at any time providing the saddle is not out on trial. Please allow 7 working days from the date in which written notice is sent to info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk for your saddle to be ready for return. If the saddle is to be returned by post, you may use our courier service (chargeable to you) or a courier of your choice, arranged by you.


All fitting appointments are undertaken by Emma Dicey-Cordy. Emma is a full member of The Equine Fitters Director, holds Trainee Fitter Status with The Society of Master Saddlers and is fully insured. Emma holds the City and Guilds Qualification in Flocking and Adjustment and is a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant.

The terms and conditions below are applicable to every appointment undertaken by Galloping Ahead Saddlery.

We will never try to sell you a saddle that is unsuitable for horse or rider. We will select and advise the best option for you and your horse within the available budget. We will always work with your horses’ best interests as our primary concern. Whilst every effort will be made to supply you with a saddle on the day of your appointment, there may be times when we do not have a suitably fitting saddle. Our recommendation could be a new or made to measure to measure saddle.

Please have your horse ready, clean and for our arrival time, including all the necessary tack and equipment. Please allow thirty minutes either side of your appointment as sometimes we run over.

The horse’s rider(s) must be available for the consultation. The saddle fitting process takes into consideration the rider as well as the horse.

We will need to see the horse ridden to fully assess dynamic saddle fit. There are some circumstances where this is not possible, it is recommended a later review of the saddle is  undertaken when the horse is rideable, the booking of this appointment is the clients responsibility. Galloping Ahead Saddlery cannot be held responsible for changes to the fit once the saddle is ridden in, unless fully assessed by us ridden in.

We request that your horse’s clinical history is disclosed to us, as some conditions can affect saddle fit. On occasion, we will contact your Vet or Physiotherapist to discuss your horses condition before fitting a saddle or after the appointment. We may also contact any previous Saddle Fitter you have used if deemed necessary.

We are not able to give second opinions on saddles fitted by another saddle fitters if there is an ongoing complaint or dispute, or within six months of the saddle being fitted by another fitter as per the Society of Master Saddler Code of Conduct. You will need to get in contact with the previous fitter with any concerns or issues and give them the chance to rectify the situation. We will require details of who fitted your current saddle and when at the time of booking.  

Saddles are fitted to individual horse and rider combinations, which means that saddles should not be used on other horses and are only to be used with the numnah/girth combination recommended by Galloping Ahead Saddlery. Using a different type/shape etc of numnah/half pad will alter the fit of the saddle.

Pads and shims may be necessary especially in the case of a remedial fit. This will be discussed at the time of fitting. You should not add or remove any pads or shims without first consulting your saddle fitter as this can alter the fit of the saddle.

Templates taken by Galloping Ahead Saddlery are not given to clients as standard. They are available on request, however Galloping Ahead Saddlery cannot be responsible for misinterpretation of the templates and the fit of any saddle off the back of it, by the client, another fitter, or manufacturer.

All alterations including flocking of a saddle provided by us should be undertaken by Galloping Ahead Saddlery, we accept no responsibility for any works undertaken by a third party, including any subsequent issues such as fit or repair. If you are experiencing any issues with the saddle, please contact Galloping Ahead Saddlery first to enable us to rectify the situation.

Your saddle is fitted to the horse and rider on the day of the appointment. Horses shape does change, this can be influence by (but is not limited to) when a horse changes workload, environment, diet, experiences any lameness or suffers any illness. Many factors can affect the fit of the saddle so regular monitoring of the horse’s weight, soundness and condition is essential for optimum, long-term fit. We will advise you of our recommended schedule for saddle checks and follow up appointments. It is the client’s responsibility to maintain their saddle and book regular saddle fitting appointments as and when necessary and as recommended by Galloping Ahead Saddlery. Saddle fit will need to be monitored and maintained and responsibility for this remains with the client. Galloping Ahead cannot be responsible for any issues arising from the saddle fit if the schedule is not adhered to.

In addition to the appointment and mileage charge, adjustments, alterations, flocking and repairs will incur extra charges. Additional saddles on the same horse will also be charged for.

All payments are due at the day and time of the appointment, unless otherwise agreed. Payment is accepted via Cash, Credit/Debit card or BACS.

A 50% deposit is required upfront for all custom ordered/made (including made to measure) new saddles. Your order cannot be processed until this is received. The balance of the saddle is due on delivery.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance without incurring any cancellation fee. Any cancellations within 48 hours will be charged at full price, unless the appointment can be filled or if the appointment is rescheduled.

New or adjusted saddles will need to ‘bed-in’ during which time the flocking will settle. A follow up appointment should be scheduled 4-8 weeks after the initial fit for which a charge will be payable. It is recommended that all new saddles to a horse (including second hand) are checked within 4-8 weeks. It is the clients responsibility to book these appointments.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery will offer saddle fitting appointments at the earliest possible time however sometimes there will be a waiting time, this should be factored into the booking of appointments, we recommend booking follow up appointments at the time of the original appointment.

Saddle tree widths alterations undertaken by Galloping Ahead Saddlery are carried out entirely at the owner’s risk and responsibility. Altering the width of the tree may invalidate the manufacturers guarantee and the cost of repair could be considerable. We thoroughly recommend that alterations are made by the manufacturer which we are happy to help arrange.

The title of all goods shall remain with Galloping Ahead Saddlery until paid for in full.

On new saddles fitted by Galloping Ahead Saddlery, the following is provided as a guide if any issues/complaints arise after the purchase the new saddle (please note, this does not include saddles that have been personalised or fitted to a specific template). All appointment and mileage charges are non-refundable once they have been carried out:

1) Saddle issue up to seven days from purchase – replace or full refund.

2) Saddle issue up to one month – offer to re-assess free of charge. If the client is not
happy, fit alternative saddle or last case scenario to offer refund to full value, subject to a
15% usage charge.

3) Saddle issue three to six months from purchase – offer to re-assess and re-fit, but charges and mileage apply, change saddle or refund is less 20 – 30% dependant on condition.

4) Saddle issue six to twelve months from purchase – offer to re-assess and re-fit, but charges and mileage apply. Refund is less 30 – 50% dependant on condition.

5) For any issue after twelve months – re-assess charges apply, re-fit and offer part exchange or sell saddle on commission – unlikely to refund.

For the sale of a second-hand saddle, if there are any issues with the saddle within six months of purchase we may offer to buy the saddle back subject to 25% off the original sale price.

If your horse, in our opinion, is showing signs of lameness, is injured, unsafe or unwell during your appointment, we can choose not to continue with the appointment.

If you choose to have your saddle appointment at your premises, we will ideally require the below facilities:

  • A flat hard surface where the saddle can be tried on.
  • Facilities for the saddle to be ridden in.
  • Your own stirrups, leathers, girth and other tack.
If you do not have the above, this is going to affect your ability to accurately try the saddle.
Riding, working with horses and handling horses can be dangerous and horses may be unpredictable. We expect all riders hold adequate rider’s insurance and third-party liability cover for their animals.


Persons using the facilities do so at their own risk and Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre will not be held responsible for any accident, injury, or loss.

All riders must wear a riding hat always conforming to the current BHS standard whilst mounted. Suitable footwear must be worn whilst mounted.

Riders, spectators and helpers must not cause a nuisance or disturbance to any other person using or at the premises.

Dogs are not permitted onto the premises without the prior permission. Any dogs on the premises must be kept off the arenas, areas surrounding the arenas and stable yard. Permitted dogs must be always kept on a short lead and are the responsibility of their owner/handler. All dog mess must be cleared up. Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by or to any dog whilst on premises.

Riders are required to remove all droppings left by their horse(s) and return any show jumps (including fillers and poles) and other items moved from their original position on any facility to their original position.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre reserves the right to cancel any reservation without notice and reserves the right to refuse any admission. Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss or liability howsoever caused.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre reserves the right to request that riders/trainers/owners or any other person using the facilities do leave in circumstances where in the opinion of the proprietor and/or its management, a person is creating a dangerous situation, riding in a dangerous manner and/or where a person is mistreating a horse or acting irresponsibly. Where a person is asked to leave, they must immediately return to their mode of transport and remove the horse and themselves from the premises.

Use of the arenas is entirely at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer MUST hold current insurance to a minimum of Third-Party Liability.

Galloping Ahead Saddlery/The Proprietor of the Centre is not responsible for the provision of first aid or equipment on the premises or the facilities and cannot be held liable to provide first aid. The rider (or any group organiser/trainer/responsible adult) agrees to ensure their own provision for first aid.

By making an appointment to use the facilities you are confirming you have read, understood and accept the above terms and conditions of using the facilities and confirm that you use the facilities at the premises entirely at your own risk.


If you wish to make a change to the product you have ordered or the service you have booked, please contact us. We will let you know if the change is possible. If it is possible, we will let you know about any changes to the price of the product/service, the timing of supply or anything else which would be necessary because of your requested change and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change.


You can always end your contract with us. Your rights when you end the contract will depend on what you have bought, whether there is anything wrong with it, how we are performing, when you decide to end the contract and whether you are a consumer or business customer. If you wish to cancel the contract this must be done in writing. We can provide you with a model cancellation form if required, however this is not necessary the request can simply be put forward in writing.


If you have any questions or complaints about any products or services, please contact us in writing at Galloping Ahead Saddlery, 6 The Courtyard, Comeytrowe Equestrian Centre, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1EQ or by or emailing us on info@gallopingaheadsaddlery.co.uk.