Do you have a saddle that does not fit your horse? Do you have a saddle you no longer need or want? Is there a saddle collecting dust in the corner of your tack room? Do you need to release some capital by selling a saddle to pay for a large vet bill? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we can help!

Do you want a hassle free sale? Would you like us to arrange a courier to collect your saddle? Do you want to maximise how many people see your saddle? Would you like your saddle to be available to trial and try on but do not want to arrange yourself? Would you like to be free from scammers and annoying messages! Again, if the answer is yes, we can help!

If you have a saddle to sell, please send us full details including photographs before bringing them in so we can let you know if it is a saddle we would be interested in selling. We want to assist where we can with selling your saddles, however we have strict criteria on what we will accept. Our ethos is, we will only sell saddles we would put on our own horses back, therefore we will not take in anything that in our opinion is unsafe, too old or would not be comfortable on our horses backs. We will happily provide a valuation for saddles that fit our criteria and talk through the options we have available to help you.

Would you like a quick sale or is maximising profit your priority?

Please let us know when sending us details of your saddle.


  1. Email us full details of your saddle, including make, model, size, condition, colour, age serial number (if you can find it) and send us photos from all angles.
  2. We will let you know what we think your saddle is worth, we will detail the options available to you.
  3. Drop the saddle off to us, send it to us or ask us to collect or arrange a courier on your behalf.
  4. We will confirm receipt of the saddle, check it is as described, that the saddle is safe with no damage or anything else of concern. We will also confirm the valuation.
  5. Then depending on what service you have chosen:

Your saddle will be cleaned if necessary and professionally photograped. Your saddle will come out with us on saddle fitting appointmens. We will advertise your saddle online and deal with all enquiries. Your saddle will be available for customers to try (under strict terms and conditions). We aim to have your saddle sold within three months and will tranfer the money to you minus our commission charge within 30 days of sale.

Our current commission structure is as follows:

Up to £500 = 25%

£501 – £1000 = 23%

£1001 – £1500 = 21%

£1501 + = 18%


Receive your funds quickly and hassle free!


We will send you your new saddle after the balance has been paid.




Please do get in touch with any questions or enquiries.

If you have a saddle you would like us to look at please send full details and photographs to

Would you like to speak to a person to simply talk through your options? Please call our experienced team now on 0330 043 7479.